Attachments with invoice

Invoice is emailing but attachments are not. Attachments are PDFs

Attachments are not supposed to be sent with emails. The feature is only meant as a way of archiving supporting documentation.

If attachments went out with the email, all sorts of internal material and backup information would be going out to customers and suppliers.

I did not think in that manner. That makes sense thank you.

Is there any chance a function to add specified attachments to be emailed with the invoice? My reason for asking is I need to send job logs for work carried out to my clients. Often job logs are too long to go in the notes section of the invoice so currently I have to send them separately. Ideally I could add them as an extra attachment with the invoice. A simple tick box mechanism with the attachments to say ‘include with invoice email’ would be awesome

Ability to attach files to emails is still under the ideas category.


Why not use billable time? The entries will show on the sales invoice.