Email time stamp

Hi, is there a way to have a timestamp attached to the emails sent? Ie. being able to see what time it was sent when viewing the email sent. Would be a nice additional feature to have.


Just being able to see (on the Sales invoices tab )that an email was actually sent would be nice

Sent emails appear in the Emails tab. If they are there, they have been sent.

Id like to add my interest for the invoice to show a date and time stamp when emailed. Currently you have to locate the invoice to get the invoice number then go to the emails tab and search for that number to determine if it was sent.

@Tut yes i can see that if email is in emails tab, they have been sent. What the subject was in regards to was “Time stamp” on the emails tab. Self explanatory i think.

I should have made it clearer that I was responding to @clive’s comment about being able to see that emails were actually sent.