Email Issue

When trying to send an email to myself in order to email the customer, I am now getting this error:
Error: NameResolutionFailure

I have sent like this many times before and no problem.

From: or I send from my business email address.

The reason I email myself is that I usually attach pictures or other documentation for the customer to review when sending out my bids/quotes, etc.

Thank you in advance.

Update to the latest version. Should fix the problem. There are dozens of posts on the forum about this.

Awesome, thank you. Worked great. I did do a search for the exact phrase “name resolution failure” but nothing similar showed up. I also went through email not working discussions but could not find the answer. I will upgrade overtime I log on now.

Thank, thank you. :smile:

I upgraded a few days ago (April 2016) and now get - Error: NameResolutionFailure when emailing. I cant mail invoices or purchase orders. Using Ubuntu 14.04. There is no emailing problems using my business or private email only with Manager

Do you use custom SMTP server in Manager, if yes, are you sure settings are correct? Can you double-check what version you have installed under About Manager ?