Email Address not defaulting from Supplier details

I am new to using Cloud version but been using Manager for some time from desktop

I have just now made some payments to Suppliers and wanted to send payment advice as email from supplier payment screen and selected email but when the window opened no default email shown. I have checked to see if emails on supplier email spot in supplier and it is there. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong or missed something or have others had this same problem ?.

I can’t see any discussion on this topic so perhaps it is only me missed a step somehow.

As I have 19 suppliers to email I was hoping for an easy fix.

This hasn’t been implemented. Mostly because when you select Payee on payment form, it’s not necessarily always supplier. It could be customer, employee or anybody really.

I do plan to do something about this though.

Hi Lubos

Thank you so much for reply. Once explained , one can see the problems
behind the scenes. Hope you find a workaround as I pay 20 payees at a time
so very time consuming. This happens every month.

Thanks for you software and efforts