Editing inventory items

can you add an easy way to editing inventory items (sell & purchase price or quantity) from the main window by double click on the cell or click a quick edit button

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Hi @Mohamed_Hamza, it’s not clear to me what you’re trying to do.

What do you mean by the main window? Do you mean right from the main tab screen?

If that’s what you mean, then you should probably see this post:

If not, please explain in more detail what you mean.

@Mohamed_Hamza Are you wanting a direct link from where an inventory item is used (invoice, receipt or payment) to the inventory item definition. I assume to avoid the need to search for an inventory item again.

If so you are suggesting a general change in Manager’s user interface. Manager maintains a separation between access to a feature definition vs use of the defined feature. The same behaviour is applicable for

  • Supplier (edit current or create new)
  • Customer (edit current or create new)
  • Employee
  • Inventory Item
  • Non-inventory item

Making this change would also need integration with user permission.
So while I’m not actually opposing the suggested changed, implementation would require quite extensive changes to Manager.

After such a change had been implemented, it is then not clear it would improve the ease of use for beginner users. Having multiple ways of accessing a feature helps power users but increases the learning curve for the application.

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main inventory items page

edit these values from the main page without need to click the edit button by double click the cell

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@Mohamed_Hamza this not supported. The best way is to use Batch Update function where you can edit it in spreadsheet and then paste the spreadsheet back to Manager so it picks up the differences to update in batch.

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