Invoice with and without tax


I use Manager and I would know, if it is possible to add the amount without tax in the invoice?

Because I use as example:

T-shirt €50 (amount is including tax)

The invoice shows than:
To pay: €50
Tax: €10 (example)

But can I add also:
amount without tax: €40?

You are using the tax-inclusive pricing option.

If you use the tax-exclusive pricing option you will get something like what you are asking for but you will have to amend your prices to be tax-exclusive
It is one or the other, I’m afraid

I am sure your customers can do the sums or use a calculator, if needed

@Kevin_Jillings, this is the relevant Guide: Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices | Manager.

Thanks, I think my question is not possible. But thanks for the replies

Yes it is possible, you just don’t allocate a tax code to the item

On a tax exclusive basis it looks like this

Or on a tax inclusive basis it looks like this

Thank you for your answer.
But, I wan’t to fill in the prices including tax, and than I don’t see the amount without tax. Only the total amount and the tax amount. But not the without tax amount. If I wan’t that I have to fill in the prices without tax, and than add the tax.

The problem is, I sell furniture. So I have prices in my shop all including tax. So for example a Chair is 150 euro incl. tax. If I fill in chair 150 euro incl. 10% tax, the program shows:
Total: 150 euro
Tax: 15 euro
and I wan’t that it show also: Total exl. tax 135 euro.

Because my accountant said that this is required in my country

Your only choice, then, is to list tax-exclusive unit prices. Your decision to display tax-inclusive prices in the shop is a marketing choice. It has nothing to do with accounting.

Also, your example is incorrect. If the tax-inclusive price is 150 EUR, for 10% tax, the price without tax would be 136.36. (136.36 x 1.10 = 150.00, neglecting rounding error) Manager calculates what the tax-exclusive price would have to be to produce the tax-inclusive price you specify. It does not subtract the tax percentage from the tax-inclusive price. This is explained in the Guide linked to above. This is often difficult to explain to customers, and is one of the reasons using tax-exclusive pricing is more common, especially on expensive items. In fact, many jurisdictions prohibit tax-inclusive pricing except on inexpensive items in cash environments, such as selling refreshments at public events.