Easy way to get 32 character hex string (internal identifier)

I noticed this feature with desktop version of Manager, and haven’t seen any other posts talking about it.

When editing any item (anything with an edit button), the id is show on top left, in the grey-ish name bar of the thing being edited. Its quite hard to notice due to blending in with the background, but it’s there.

Alternatively, going to in your browser with a dark mode plugin makes it easier to see.
Edit: This works only with the Manager application running.

Now there’s no need to use the convoluted batch update method :slight_smile:

Newest versions of Manager allow you to use Code and Reference in Batch update as long as you entered them, see Added ability to use codes and references when using batch operations So it is much easier to use Batch Update!

But that requires creating, tracking, and managing a whole database of codes/references in mismatched formats. While good in a pinch, UUIDs are still preferable for the long haul automation.

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Please read the message of @Lubos much more carefully and also just try it! It works brilliantly and removes what you feel is convoluted.

There are 50+ results when searching for ‘hex’. Just to indicate a few:

The developer’s post introducing it from 2020:

A post from Dec. '21:

And this post from Dec. '22:

I guess you mean top right?