Added ability to use codes and references when using batch operations

The latest version (24.1.7) improves batch operations so you can use codes or reference numbers instead of internal UUID keys when using Batch Update or Batch Create functions.

Customers, suppliers, employees, accounts in your Chart of Accounts, currencies, items have Code field.


Transactions such as journal entries, invoices, orders, quotes, receipts, payments etc. have Reference field.


Batch operations will now take advantage of codes and reference numbers (if entered) and substitute them for internal UUID keys.

Here is an example how it works. Let’s say we want to batch create exchange rates for US dollar.


Notice that Code for the currency is USD, now when batch creating exchange rates, we can use the code USD instead of UUID key. Your batch create spreadsheet can look like this:


And when using this spreadsheet in Batch Create, Currency column will be properly recognized without using any UUID keys.


It would be helpful if Control Accounts also list the Code. It does for Chart of Accounts. It helps to identify the “empty Code fields” that then can be filled with something meaningful.


When would this update be available? current version is 24.1.17 … i need this badly

It is available since version 24.1.7 as announced by this topic.

Oh, sorry … I was thinking that .17 is less than .7
my bad, i forgot how versions work