How to find Hexadecimal codes for chart of accounts

Hey, I am new to

I have set up my starting balances and read through a lot of guides and posts.

The main thing Id like to do is import all the payments and receipts for current year. A lot of the accounts are defaulting to ‘suspense’. I have read the posts about this.

What I do not understand is how to extract the 32 string codes for each account in my chart of accounts.

Please advise.

There is no easy way to identify those. A switch to plain language has been promised for the future. Meanwhile, all you can do is make some manual entries until you have involved all accounts. Then start a Batch Update process and correlate the hexadecimal strings with known accounts.

Note, you’ll also have to do the same thing with all sorts of other elements of the data base, not just the account names. The possibility for error is awfully high.

If I were you, I’d give serious thought to whether I really needed that historical information entered into Manager. Could you just live with setting starting balances?

The fastest way, since you cannot batch update chart of accounts and so you cannot export it massively with its hexadecimal codes, is to access to them through APIs. The other way is to create a test invoice with all the accounts and export it through batch update.

Very good ideas @Tut & @Davide.
It actually worked! for line.account I can now batch import.

However, the hex codes are not working for the bank accounts. They still go to suspense accounts

Bank accounts are so much easier… you can export them easily with batch update.

Yeah so I have the bank account codes but when I batch create, it still goes to suspense.

If understand correctly - for batch update to work, you need to create bank rules.

for easy of reference that a look at the link below

You can do both way… since I want to populate custom fields I prefer to use batch create

@Davide @Tut

So I ran a few more tests and here is what happened:

When I batch create, the payments always go to “Suspense”. However, when I batch update, it hits the right bank account.

Is this the right flow? By that I mean, is it a 2 step process?

I’m always doing this directly through batch create. Maybe it’s a problem of your excel settings, localisation.

Hi Everyone,

Is that possible to implement any space into manager in order to see the account codes ? (The codes that are needed for the batch creation step) By creation of batch process i always creating a test record and trying to see the related codes with the accounts (We’re wasting a lot of time by this method.)

If this will not be updated soon in any way, i will be creating a folder to keeping the codes after batch creation step.

Thank you very much.

That’s a good idea as the account codes don’t change once the account has been created.

There is a variety of places to see the codes but all involve creating an entry that uses the code then looking for it.

Hi all

I am using V20.2.33.

Is there a way to export the Key and Description of the chart of accounts ?

Thank you


Hi Tut

This is a fairly basic requirement for all master data.
Is there any plan to have it (Paid or Unpaid) ?

Thank you

I don’t know technically possible but maybe a click button could be implemented into the below corner for each accounts. When the users can click to any amount from the summary. They can get the hexadecimal code as same as the transaction copies.

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