Easier data-entry for recurring transactions required

How bout a way of having icons or shortcuts to recurring tasks? I make a lot of journal entries and use that screen continuously. I am sure that there are others that use different screens in the same manner.

One way I use it is as follows:

  1. Use debit card for meal and entertainment purchase.
  2. Leave cash tip for server.
  3. Download bank statement.
  4. Import statement with current transactions.
  5. Allocate transaction in manager.io to proper GL accounts.
  6. Click journal entries.
  7. Click make new journal entry.
  8. Enter transaction for cash tip.
  9. Click bank accounts.
  10. Click checking account.
  11. Back to step 5.

If there was a way to make that journal entry on the fly it would really save time.

This maybe included in a bigger schema of flexibility that you are addressing.

Why so many steps? Why not record the whole meal and entertainment purchase including the tip as part of allocation of transaction to proper GL accounts?

Can you show a screenshot of how you are allocating bank payment to GL accounts and what you are recording in journal entry? Iā€™m really curious.

Need to make it clearer here.

What happens is that I tip in cash on credit cards. it is an on industry thing done to help keep reporting of tips lower for servers. This requires me to make separate journal entry since I am not using expense reports. The steps above is the flowchart of the whole transaction i.e. every step from the moment of purchase to recording of all entries.

In general, I have noticed in almost every accounting program that I have used throughout the years that there are times when amount in the check register do not equal the amount I am trying to record ( payment of purchase of goods with both cash and credit cards). I making be suggesting something to unique but everytime I try to tinker with something on the bank side with additional entries the corresponding debit or credit is always to that cash account when in reality it is hitting a capital or liability account above the amount that came over from the checking account.

I am hooking up my camera to the computer ( really late in doing this ) if you ever want to skype to discuss anything.

You have a great program and you guys responsiveness to make changes / additions / improvements is second to none.

Manager still allows you to do this in single transaction, have a look at this example:

This is how you would categorize $100 payment on your credit card. Normally you would just assign $100 to Entertainment account but since you remember $10 was a cash tip out of your own pocket, you make entertainment $110 and then assign -$10 to Mary Smith - Funds contributed (assuming your name is Mary Smith which is not) so the total from credit card point of view still adds up to $100.

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could not figure that out on my own