Early payment discount

Hi evryone,
i have problem today with using opion Early payment discount at sales invoices.

  • I write a invoice today with a payment deadline of 30 days.
  • I hook up the items of use Early payment discount for expl. 3% withing 3 days, then update it and nothing!!! This item is not visible on the Invois.
    The invoice amount does not change either. Earlier, there was no problem with using this option.
    Do I have to do anything else for this item to be used?

Please provide screenshots of edit and view screens that illustrate step by step what is going on and expected. Also indicate the Manager type and version and the operating system, this will enable us to help you better.


This item is not visible on the Invois.

Although you haven’t indicated the edition (desktop, server or cloud) nor the version of Manager, I can confirm this is happening also in server v22.9.1.350 so I guess this is a bug.

I have Manager version 22.1.6 on another PC and the Early Discount is shown

so this is definitely a change since then

I can replicate this, too. Moved to bugs.

Yes, I use cloud version, it`s possible to fix it how or how can I change the version to 22.1.6?

You cannot revert to an older version unless you have a backup from an earlier version.

thx.unfortunately I don`t have it ;(
Can this option work again in the new version, someone will fix it?

That’s why it is put in bugs. These get fixed pretty quickly. Just relax. There are currently only 2 topics in bugs and all less than 24 hours.

thank you a lot :heart_eyes:
Thanks, en have a nice weekend :handshake:

this option still does not work, any suggestions?

As you see it’s still in the bugs category. Once solved it will be removed from the bugs category.

aha ,I thought it would be resolved within 24 hours as you mentioned earlier…
ok thx. we`ll weiting

That wasn’t me!

ups, yes it was Eko, sorry!

Fixed in the latest version (22.10.10)

I never mentioned that bugs would be resolved within 24 hours, I literally stated

However, this bug together with quite some new bugs indeed uncharacteristically have taken a long time to clear and I can only guess because the developer @Lubos has been spinning plates with many upcoming changes to the code that may together have caused and may resolve some of the new bugs.