Bug with early payment discounts

There is a bug with handling of early payments when an early payment discount has been offered, a credit note has been issued that is unrelated to the discount, but the full amount is paid in time. To illustrate, consider the following event sequence:

  1. Sales invoice is raised on 03/15/2018 by ACME for 6,000 in services to Brilliant Industries. Terms are net 30, so due date is 04/14/2018. 5% discount is offered for payment within 20 days.

  2. A credit note is issued to Brilliant on 03/20/2018 for 250 as a rebate. At this point, terms of the discount are not altered. Under some circumstances, that might be acceptable. In others, such as when merchandise is returned, it would not be.

  3. Brilliant pays 5,450 on 03/28/2018. This is the original total, minus the credit note, minus the 300 early payment discount.

At this point, the invoice accurately reflects all the transactions:

However, in the Sales Invoices tab, the invoice still shows 300 due. And the notification of sales invoices eligible for early payment discount via a credit note does not appear:

and a drill-down on the invoice balance shows the discount was never applied, despite its appearance on the invoice itself:


I suspect this may happen because a credit note already exists before the receipt qualifying for the early payment discount was entered.

So there are two problems:

  • Failure to reduce the early payment discount when the balance due of the sales invoice is adjusted for some reason before receipt of payment.
  • Failure to notify that an invoice is eligible for a discount so a credit note can be created.
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Fixed in the latest version (18.4.27).

Manager will now differentiate between early payment discount credit notes and other credit notes using Description field on credit note.