Duplicate entries after bank import

if I create a sales invoice and then receive a payment, I get an automatic entry of the sale in my business account. If I then import a bank transaction covering the same period, I get a duplicate entry.

I like importing bank statements but don’t like the idea of having to find and delete duplicate sales.

I am thinking of creating a FAKE business in Manager with the sole purpose of creating and tracking invoices without it affecting the transactions in my REAL business for which I will use a downloaded bank statement.

are others doing this? I can’t think of any reason why it would not work for me.

Why go to extra work? Enter the receipts when customers pay or import statements. Just don’t do both.

Hi Tut
thanks for your reply.

I don’t see it as being extra work because no work is actually duplicated, I will just do the invoices in a FAKE company file and there will be no invoices in the REAL company file. All sales will eventually be imported into the REAL company file from the bank statement.

I usually enter all my income and expenses quarterly at BAS time but I like to manage my invoices on a day to day basis.

Keeping invoicing separate means I can keep my invoices updated (i.e. paid/due/overdue) without transactions being made in the REAL company file that will then be duplicated when I download all my bank transactions for the quarter.

It seems to make sense to me and actually less work due to the non-duplication of transactions.

Importing bank statements is a very useful feature but I do see the duplication of transactions as a big downfall of importing bank statements.