Duplicating Invoice Item

Is it possible to duplicate an item in the invoice

is you mean can you copy one line in an invoice to a new line in the invoice - then, no

Yes … If I have same items but different qty. instead of typing each line, whether I can duplicate the first item then just changing the qty…

You can clone an invoice to a new invoice, then edit the quantities and/or price

I do not understand what you are trying to achieve - can you describe the workflow or business issue you are trying to record

Why would you want to duplicate the line and then change the quantity? Why not just use the total quantity on the first line?

Dear Joe

Cloning no… it create new invoice.

Sometime I have invoices/quotations similar items either different qty. or size, unit price or even just the name of the item all other details same.

In that case If I can duplicate one line, it is easy by just changing the text where there is difference.

this is already in the ideas category. show your support there.

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