Duplicate sales invoice numbers created

There are duplicate sale invoice numbers created when we have two staff who enter a sales invoice from different pcs at the same time.
For example on PC1, User ABC creates new sales invoice whilst at the same time on PC2, USER XYZ creates new sales invoice. Then either user ABC or XYZ finishes the invoice and clicks create invoice. The system allocates the next invoice number and then the other user finishes and clicks create invoice the system then allocates the exact same invoice number to both invoices.
It appears that there is no error checking code when the create invoice button is clicked.

Also in our version of manager there is no link to go to the forum website.


This happens because the invoice numbers are allocated when the sales invoice is begun, not when it is finished and the user clicks Create. Manager searches for the highest existing number in the database and increments the count by one. If two users happen to be working on new invoices at the same moment, neither one has yet created an invoice, so neither new number is yet in the database. I can see how that would be a problem. But that behavior also allows users to create their own, non-numerical or non-sequential invoice “numbers” by overwriting the default count. So assigning a number only at the end would not work. You would definitely need to actually search the database for duplicates before allowing the Create action to go through.

What version are you using? Perhaps you need to update?

Considering Manager is a multi-user software, I still think it’s a good idea to prevent same invoice number being entered twice (or at least prompt a warning message). Many other accounting software does it. Quite a common human error.

You might want to check the forum before posting. This topic was addressed less than an hour ago at How can i prevent duplicate record of customer, supplier or inventory item?.

This issue has been fixed.

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