Two users creating sales invoice generated same invoice number

I tested the cloud with 2 users selling and creating sales invoices. I was selling labour as admin and have restricted user (full access) also selling labour. After we created sales invoice (mine was completed 1st) I checked and there was 2 sales invoices #4 and the second invoice for 200. Is this a bug?

This is test business we are trying to see how some transaction will happen in Manager and came across this issue while creating transactions.

The reference number is generated upon clicking New Sales Invoice button rather than at Create stage.

The reason for this is that many business owners like to add custom prefixes or suffixes to invoice numbers or use multiple sequences concurrently like A001, A002… B001, B002… etc.

As a side-effect, it’s possible to create two invoices with identical reference numbers. I guess, Manager should warn you this has happened so it can be corrected quickly.

In future, I will introduce some enhancements where it will be possible to setup custom counters for reference numbers so if used, multiple users could be creating new invoices at the same time without duplicate reference numbers.

Yes it would help to have some warning or it can check if the invoice number was in use when you click create and just use the next number in that case.

If you have multiple sales guys working on sales invoice during the day you have more risk of cases like this.

Can I just edit the last invoice change the number and the system will continue sequential numbering?

Yes, you can edit the reference number on existing invoice. The system will continue sequence by looking for the invoice with the highest reference number and adding 1 to it.

Hi Lubos

Any news on update to prevent this from happening or Manager warning you that there is already invoice number when you click the create button?

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