Duplicate Item Code?


Are we going to see anything here any time soon?

Sorry, I didn’t end up working on this yet. I’m planning to implement this right after I add support for sub-accounts and custom control accounts so hopefully before end of this month.


Okay Lubos. Great. Hope to see this implemented asap.

Has this been worked on yet?

I see that you have added inventory Kits as a new feature, which is a fantastic new element. Started using this already.

But then - major problems arising, because now duplicate code entries of items still exist, and its becoming an even bigger hassle ensuring that the part number entered in the inventory kit (and eventually invoiced), is going to be the exact same that is entered in purchase invoice.

Until the Duplicate Code Entry problems are sorted once for all, it is impossible to ensure that right item is referenced.

My accounting, inventory stock quantities, and profit and loss are all haywire!!

Is this going to be resolved at all, and when?

I’ve added this issue on roadmap, see: Free Accounting Software | Manager

It’s definitely on my radar but it will probably still take a month before it’s implemented. Still working on control accounts and sub-accounts.


Aah, thats brilliant. I have been wanting to see the roadmap for some time. I have bookmarked that thank you.

@lubos In the black panel at the base of the Roadmap webpage, Roadmap is listed under Changlog, yet in the black panel at the base of the Guides webpage it is not listed.

Could that black panel be standardised across all web pages?

The warning and merge is a good concept, but maybe things could be a little more robust.

During the creation of a new supplier/Item etc. and a duplication is detected - you just get a simple dialog “Already Exists” and don’t allow any further progress. If its not created then there is no need for a Merge. If its been a keyboard entry error, you just start again.

Perhaps after the implementation of “Already Exists”, checking any existing files could be cleaned up with a once only running of a Detect & Merge feature.

With regards to duplicate Inv/PO etc. you have two options 1) as above “Already Exists” or 2) a feature where a user has the option of selecting “Auto Numbering” and where they nominate the next Inv/PO etc. number to be used and the system automatically increments and the form field can’t be edited.


Lubos, Glad to know you have it on the roadmap, Happy to see it is going to be implemented. However you have it on task 6. Is it possible to giive it priority and finish after you are done with Control accounts and sub accounts. Thanks so much in advance.


I see you have moved duplicate Item codes to priority number 7… if you follow this trail email, you have been promising this since October 2015.

In November 2015 you said this:

I honestly believe this is one of the major issues with Manager because by allowing duplicate codes, the entire Profit & Loss, and accounting can be easily be completely wrong.

Do you see this being implemented any time soon at all? I ask because you have promised its resolution several times and I dont see it having any sort of importance in your roadmap.

@thauseef, the allocation of item codes is a management function not an accounting function, as the role of the accounting system is to record management actions. The Accounting System may have an inbuilt function to double check the management’s allocation but this is its limitation and is not a substitute for good management practices .

To me the question is - How come management is allowing the duplication to occur in the first place. Having 1) a printout of existing codes should prevent duplications (updated with manual notations of new codes) or 2) having a master list of potential item codes that are crossed off as used

I find myself going back and forth checking what was the last code I used in advancing order several times a day,
as to check what item code should I use next for a new product entry I would like to link with the purchase invoice items.

I have a suggestion concerning duplicate item codes.
One solution could involve that when you type in the Item Code cell, the search function starts working.
Lets say that I use for item codes the following strategy.

10-001 pen
10-002 stylus
10-003 tv
10-023 Phone
12-132 Bubblegum

if I type 1
everything starting with 1 will show up

if I type 10, then “10” and whats following will

if I type 10-023 and press enter, all the cells will fill up with the already existing item details, in that case its a phone

but if I type 10-133 and that does not exist, the details will be empty. Thus this will be a new entry.

And you could add a small rectangle saying [clear]. to clear the rest of the cells without deleting the item as an X for clearing the cell already exists.

Also in that way you would or could add the functionality of editing the entry if you type a code in existance.

So to recap.

  1. typing an item code in existance, would open that entry to see and use for editing the entry, even the code maybe?
  2. typing an item code that wasnt used until now, would open an empty new entry.
  3. Having a “clear” button, that would let you search for something else as the entry could be edited when open.
  4. Dismiss the clear button idea, and use a LIVE results item code entry for the fields below that would show up when manager finds an entry in existance.
  5. Something brilliant I don’t have the capacity on my own to think about, and someone else would suggest or it is very probable you will think of.
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Brucanna - The answer is simple. We dont have a preapproved list of Item codes. We buy & sell items as per the requirements of clients, and we see tons of new items every day. But they all tend to have unique item codes (in our case part numbers). I dont want to limit the ability of my sales team to enter data, this will make sending out quotations dependent on someone in the management, everytime a new item has to be quoted for (several times every day).

Also since I have multiple sales people quoting every day, it becomes cumbersome for them to check every time whether the code is already in the system. Some do it, some dont. The solution for my problem is infinitely simple. Manager shouldn’t accept duplicate entries. Period. There is no going away from this simple fact.

This lack of functionality in manager cannot be explained away as bad management practices. On the contrary, we are forced to double up management and accounting to avoid falling into this constant Manager pitfall.

Look at @Giorgos_Arnakis 's post. I do the same. It is cumbersome & not at all an optimal solution. It may work for him, as a single user, but when i have 3-4 employees sending quotes…it doesnt work for me.

Bottom line: duplicate codes need to be eliminated by Manager. Period.

@lubos This is an important feature for those who use Inventory.
There just needs something basic for now “this item already exists” just to make us aware. Then, the merge ability could be added later.

I do all the inventory management, but, if I were to have 2 or 3 staff members doing it I would have a big headache. I am very carful to check items already in stock before adding new ones but this all takes time and I still make the odd mistake.

I too would like to see duplication prioritised.

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@lubos I am sorry but every time I sit on accounts, i realize I am facing a lot of problems because of duplicate codes. This really needs an urgent resolution. As you can see above, this question is being raised since Sep 2015. Do you see this resolving soon at all, or no?

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Can you give me a few examples of how you end up with duplicates? Are these really duplicates? Because even if I implement this, you can still end up with duplicates due to misspelling or slight variations in text which won’t be picked up as duplicates.


For example, I have a laptop which goes with the part number K0G98ES. I have two or more sales guys who are quoting for this to the client. Since we also sell a lot of items for the first time, every sales guy needs to check if item is inventory and then add the item into inventory, and then quote. When we get an order, we create a purchase order for the supplier. When we get the items in our stock, we change this into a purchase invoice, and then create a sales invoice for the same part number to send to client.

The problem arises when any one sales guy doesnt check if the part number is already in inventory, and adds another new item with same part number K0G98ES. Now there are two items in inventory with same part number and same description.

Now when he orders with supplier, he chooses the first entry that shows up. When he invoices client, he chooses the second. This happens to all sales guys - when there are more than 1 entry in the system, they choose a different entry for purchase invoices, and different for sales invoices.

Eventually a lot of K0G98ES (1st Entry) show in stock, though they have been sold, and the profit is much more than it should be, because the K0G98ES (2nd Entry) which was invoiced to client has no corresponding purchase invoice.

In the latest version (16.4.61), there is now yellow box in Inventory Items tab if any duplicates are detected. As different people will have different definition of what is a duplicate, have a look at current implementation and we will take it from there.

same problem here, but without the help of another guy, I cause this problem on my own!


Do you have it yet in the cloud version? I am not able to see the option