Downloading to newer version problem

No you have not.
You need to download manger from the only official site Download | Manager where the current version is 21.4.55

If you are updating from a very old version of Manager you may need to follow these instructions Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

By the way please change your thread title to a heading for your problem not how you feel other users should respond. It increases the chance you will receive useful support.

mh!!! latest version 19.7.33,
this is thousands version behind mr.

there are other sites offer program very similar to manager but alot of problem you get there if you download. i think you went to those sites

It won’t allow me to download version 20.9.89 as it says I have a newer version installed. How do I uninstall this latest version?

If you are using Windows the same way you uninstall any other program

  • Control panel → Programs and Features → Select “Manager” → click uninstall button

After you have uninstalled the newer version, you will then be able to install the required older version.

Note your data is stored separately so will not be effected

This is the message i am now getting.
Should i now download the newest version?

“It appears you are trying to open a file which has been already accessed by newer version of Manager. Upgrade to the latest version of Manager and try to open this file again.”

It is hard to tell what is happening from here but at a guess

  • The current version of Manager could not read your old business files as they were too old
  • The new version may have created a current version (blank) database file
  • The older v20.9.89 Manager recognises the blank file was created by a newer version of Manager.

So your problem now is probably your application data directory has very old and very new files in it which for which no version of Manager is happy with both.

If I have guessed correctly you need to

This is the message i am now getting…

Internal Error


You are running an outdated version. Please use the latest version available.

Please post a screen shot of your application data directory.

  • Use print screen buttons to copy the screen
  • Paste in to “Paint”
  • Click on “Select” to then select the relevant part of the screen capture
  • Click “Crop”
  • Save as .jpg
  • On the forum post via clicking on the “Upload” button

Do you want all of it or just the files?

In your application data directory I would like to know

  • What files you have there
  • Their names
  • Their sizes
  • Their dates

is this what you wanted ?

No that’s the program code directory
The application data directory is where your businesses data is stored. That’s what you want to back up.
Look at the links above Downloading to newer version problem - #7 by Patch

I am a sole trader. It’s just me and my laptop

I assumed you were using the desktop version of Manager on a windows machine which can work well where only a single user is required

Manager uses two main directories. Their default locations are:

  • Program code in c:\Users\ < Your Windows login > /Appdata/Roaming/Manager
  • Business data in c:\Users\ < Your Windows login > /Appdata/Local/Manager

I want to know what is in your business data directory.
Your program code directory in overwritten when you install a different version of Manager, so less relevant. See Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager

The download at Manager oi is 21.4.56 and not 20.9.76

Which version should I be downloading?


Fist show a screen shot of your application data directory.
We need to confirm

  • you are looking at the correct directory
  • It has the expected files
  • you have backed up the important files


  • files to remove can be identified
  • then install Manager v20.9.89

Is this the correct ones?

Yes, that is your application data directory.
Back up all of that directory now.

Just to confirm

  • What was the last program version you ran
  • Note deleting files from the program code directory is expected to cause problems.
  • What did that version of Manager actually show

I have backed all of that up, I’m sorry , i cant answer any of those questions