DLL Missing

While trying to install the program I get a error message about a missing dll. Any idea what it could be?

What edition (desktop or server)? What operating system?

Hi Tut, I downloaded desktop version 18.12.12 - using Windows 7


Please post a screen shot of the actual error message.


Hi Tut, thank you so much for your quick reply! In the meantime I have update my Windows 7. Also tried sfc/scannow in command prompt, and Regcleaner, but to no avail.

OK. You are experiencing a problem I do not know how to solve. But I believe you have now provided the necessary information so others can begin to help.

Thanks for your trouble Tut. Hope someone will be able to help!

These are .dll files in my Manager application folder, compare this to yours and see if they match.

You should also have two sub-folders under the Manager folder like below and they each contain one .dll file.

Hi Brucanna
The .dll files are all there, except for the x64 sub-directory.

it seems more like a problem with your Windows 7 installation to me. Like missing a component that Manager requires or can’t install for some reason.

Perhaps (?) the x64 is not there because you are on Win 7, which is x86.
You could try and download again, the current version is 18.12.14 - there is no need to uninstall first. Or if you have access to another computer, try and download there.

It looks to me like you are missing something.
Make sure you have SQLite and the latest .NET Framework installed.
I had similar issue with Vista and this fixed it.

Hi Joe91, Brucanna and VACUUMDOG, thank you so much for your kind replies and suggestions. I tried them all, but without success. I downloaded a Manager zipp file and extract it to a folder on my desktop. In the folder is a ManagerDesktop.exe file - when I click on that to install the program, Manager opened on my desktop.Is it save to use Manager in this way as it was never installed?

I don’t know where you got a Manager zip file from. If it isn’t from the official site, I’d e very wary of using it

Yes, I download it from the official site. Among the files there was also a file named ManagerServer.exe.

I suspect that the version of .Net Framework in your Windows 7 installation is not compatible with Manager.

On the server installation page, it mentions 4.5 as the minimum version required but it isn’t clear that this also applies to the desktop version

But how to check and/or correct this is beyond my expertise - but googling it might point the way forward

Thank you Joe91 - I will try googling and hope for the best!

@Andries, before you start Googling, search this forum. There have been dozens of discussions related to the need to update .Net Framework on Windows 7 machines. I don’t know if that is your problem; I am just pointing you toward resources relevant to Manager.

Thanks Tut. I will search the forum!