Divide 1 sale to 14 inventory pieces

I buy a pipe 6meter long. I then cut it to 14 pieces X 420mm long. I have 5 different production orders. Each order need only one of it with then 9 pieces left. How do I handle this. Inventory items only show 1. Is there a way to divide this one pipe to 14 pipes for inventory.
Maybe i am confusing myself.

Create an inventory item for 420mm pipe.
Then create a production order where the 420mm pipe is finished good and the 6m pipe its bill of material.
Enter finished good quantity as 14 and the bill of material qty as 1.

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I’ve had sleepless nights of this. Thanks a lot. Just did it and it woks perfect.

Glad i could help find your sleep. :slightly_smiling_face: please mark the previous reply as the solution if it solved your issue so that it may help other users too.

Sharpdrivetek Thanks. This problem is fixed but i have a new one. I buy 100 meter pipe but now do not cut them to one length. This pipe i cut to 5m, 10m, 30m, or to the size needed. Must i make now a production order for every different length needed, meaning i might need 20 different cut orders or Inventory’s from a 100 meter pipe.

why dont you save the inventory unit for the pipe as mtr instead of nos? so when you sell it you can sell them as 5m, 10m, etc.

Thanks a lot. This also work perfectly.