Can inventory module handle this?

I buy a material SS D10 - 10 meters length.

I do a cutting operation, which would be a slug for another part say A001, which would be about 1 meter each and it needs to be accounted in my inventory as A001 (need to put in a formula such that 1x SS D10 = 10x A001 for this cutting operation or something similar to that)

Further to it, I will be able to move this stock to supplier for further processing by Delivery Note ( Currently Manager allows Delivery note to Customers only, to be extended to Suppliers as well or have another transaction as Job work Challan), Software to show this as my inventory at supplier end.

Supplier does the machining and returns back to us with an invoice, there on , the material gets inwarded, and shows in my inventory, probably material inwarding note can also be introduced at this stage.

You should use Manufacturing orders tab to cut SS D10 to 10 pieces of A001.


Basically your finished product is 10x A001 while your bill of materials is 1x SS D10. This will decrease quantity on hand for SS D10 by one and increase quantity on hand for A001 by 10.

When your supplier does further processing to A001, I assume they convert it into another type of inventory item? They must right? Otherwise what would be the point of sending them the material for further processing.

By the way, Manager doesn’t support warehousing yet so it’s not possible to segment quantity on hand by location.

Thank you … will look foward for the warehousing support , that would be of great help