Display tax total on invoice even if the tax rate is 0%

There is a legal requirement in Mauritius to display the total tax rate on the invoice, even when the VAT rate is 0%, which is legally distinct from VAT exemptions. We have configured a 0% VAT tax code, but can’t find a way to display the total on invoices generated by Manager.io in such cases. We get the right display with the regular rate of VAT.

Is there a way? Can you add the feature?

I agree with the idea of displaying zero rate tax. There are zero rate VAT in Ghana too and that is different from VAT exemption so must be displayed.

Manager displays the tax code if used, isn’t that enough.
The amount is zero and doesn’t have any effect on any balance, why display it in totals if it displays it as zero in the calculation table? A legal requirement?

Yes, it’s a legal requirement, or at least that’s what we were told by the tax authorities.

What if you made the tax rate 0.00000000001, so that its greater then zero but wont produce a value - will that cause the total to appear.

EDIT: wouldn’t the total displayed for a 0% Vat tax code be 0.00 ?

I tried and it’s even worse: with that setting the tax isn’t shown anywhere. At least with a standard 0% rate it shows on each line.

Really, it technically not 0 :slight_smile:

Totally agree, but it may have triggered the correct display response, but apparently not.

Then as @Abeiku demonstrated above, isn’t that sufficient otherwise to see it displayed in the total section would be - Vat 0% 0.00

The solution is for @lubos to add a new in-built tax code, Mauritius - VAT 0%. While he’s at it, he might as well add Ghana - VAT 0%. There already are such VAT 0% codes for quite a few other countries.

I’ll invite him into this topic.

That would be a nice solution. FYI Mauritius has 3 VAT rates - VAT exempt, VAT 0% and VAT 15%.

I don’t understand why you have to show Total tax amount when tax rate is 0%. I doubt this is legal requirement as it’s completely pointless and unnecessary. Did you speak to an accountant about this?

Manager already indicates tax rate on line item as per @Abeiku screenshot.

The tax authorities told us during a compliance review. I agree with you, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

this is legal requirement in Pakistan also, even if tax on some product is 0, you have to display it.
it will be good if 0 tax rated invoices shows tax = 0 in tax column above total amount,

create it using new custom tax code in settings> tax codes.

Hello, I also would like to have this option. No matter now if it is a legal requirement or not, but it would be convenient to have it as a separate row just as we have it when there is a VAT.