Display the tax report from the general description box

Display the tax report from the general description box, instead of the detailed description column

Sorry, I don’t understand - can you show what you would like using screen copies?

one invoice divided into several lines

want a choice (by main description; invoice in one line only / or as it is now

You should use a screen copy utility to capture screen images - for example Winddows has a Snipping tool for ths as photos of the screen are often hard to read

I don’t know what the screen that you posted is but it seems to show a list of purchase invoices which have the same description - why is that?

Also, say what edition (Desktop, Server or Cloud) and version of Manager you are using? The version number is displayed at the bottom of the screen

First, what “tax report” are you referring to? There are several reports related to taxes.

Second, your screen shot does not display a report (of any type). It appears to be a drill-down on some account balance, possibly a tax liability account, from the Summary page.

Third, assuming you are referring to a drill-down on an account balance, the general description of a transaction form would not be informative, because ledger entries are not posted on that basis. They are posted from individual line items. The reason for that is that individual line items on the same transaction form could be posted to different liability accounts. A transaction-level description, which is meant to be an overall summary, would not be meaningful.

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