VAT Return Form for Saudi Arabia

The VAT Transaction Report lists the data captured in the ‘Reference_Field’ of expense claim /bank or cash payments.
Reference field is only a short reference_id, but the clear detail of the transaction is entered in the item description field.
And many a time a expense claim will hold multiple entries ( line items) with and without VAT. But the “Vat Transaction Report” lists only the Reference_Field and the total of all VAT Transactions.

The Correct Report is to display like :
Date 1 | Reference 1 | Description line item 1 | VAT_No# 1 | Amount 1 | VAT Amount 1
Date 1 | Reference 1 | Description line item 2 | VAT_No# 2| Amount 2 | VAT Amount 2
Date 1 | Reference 1 | Description line item 3 | VAT_No# 3| Amount 3| VAT Amount 3

Manager does not include a “VAT Transaction Report.” Are you referring to the Tax Transactions report? If so, there is no attempt to furnish that report in the format meeting the requirements of any specific tax authority, since it is used all around the world.

Have you tried creating a custom report meeting your preferences?

Thanks Tut, Yes it is Tax Transactions Reprt. Surpriced if anyone using this report. No its not only to meet any specific requirement of submission. But if you look at the report it is not serving the purpose if it do not furnish every tax transaction, its tax id , its amount and a description.

Look at this example i put a expense claim ( Ref# March 2019 ) having 1st line item as Fuel with tax% and 2nd line item printer ink with tax %, and 3rd item is maintenance bill with tax. These each transaction are paid to 3 different parties. and captured in 3 different expense head.
But the Tax transaction report produces data as one entry like below
31/03/2019 | Ref#Mar 2019 | total expense | total tax.

i think the report is only producing data of the header, thats the problem.
So Dont you think the report is hiding very important information ???. i hope @lubos will look into this.

You did not include the example you mentioned.

Hi @Tut,
sorry for my late update.
i attached the screen shots here, the 1st picture is the expense claim having 3 entries TAX/VAT transactions, The issue we discussing here is that, the TAX Transactions report is giving the summary of each Tax type. Ideally it should give individual transactions because it pertains to 2 different suppliers. and their VAT/TAX id are different. So the best is the report to show the line items description and not the header.
i hope the importance of TAX ID/supplier name to display is understandable and please expect @lubos to look into it.
Best Regards

Ok, i understand, my requirement to bring the lines instead of header in this TAX report will complicate , because when there is sales and purchase involved, the display should be header and not the line description. (here the external party is one vendor) below image the transaction on 26 and 27 are sales and purchase.

So the Tax Report is OK,
it will only be very excellent if the developer can build the Intelligence to the report to display detail from line items when it is expense claim and display from header when it is sales invoice, purchase invoice.
Till then the work-around solution is to make seperate expense-claim for each expense when involve TAX.

But , It will be good if the business_Identifier (which has the TAX ID) is displayed along with the name in the report.

if you see this gives the date and name of vendor and amount. But the document reference ( sales / purchase number) is missing. Please this need to be added.

I am using Manager version 18.5.51 and the Tax Transactions report has the date, name of supplier and invoice number eg
Date - 07/01/2019
Suppplier - Energia
Invoice number - 5017153

Thanks Joe91,
you are right, it gives the invoice number. ( the one i selected invoice was blank).

But TAX ID / business identifier is not displayed in report. it will be good to have this.

What country is this requirement for and what exactly does need to be lodged?

Hi Lubos,

This is Kingdom of SaudiArabia.
Finance Dept currently compiling manually a xl report like this, tedious.

when there are entries in sundry / operational expenses, the VAT/TAX ID for all entries to be entered.

You need to report all individual sales and purchases where VAT is charged? What about VAT 0% and VAT Exempt transactions?

Also, how do you submit such a report? Is there a specific format?

We have a format that must be followed for VAT RETURN, we can send the format if it is going to be implemented. I would say all GCC countries have the same VAT RETURN format.

I will write the format in full details for sales and purchase vat from

For more information please have a look at the below link

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This screenshot indicates that only totals are to be submitted, not individual transactions. Can you clarify?



Tax Summary is fine and accepted. but not all the VAT Codes added under the tax list we have only two VAT code. but it should as what you have posted.

What tax codes do you propose?

under Tax Codes we have VAT0%, VAT5% maybe VAT Exempt. it would be help full if you add
these are the most common VAT Codes used by most companies
OFS VAT = Out of Scope
Customs VAT 5% for on Imported Purchases
Export VAT 0% for Export Sales
NO VAT 0% = Not Registered in VAT

this should cover all rates except No 2

Thanks for your support