Display Selected Tracking code when viewing transactions

Hi @lubos possible to show selected tracking code when viewing transaction lists? I mean show it as a column among columns like Date, Account, description…?

Will help identify transactions with their tracking codes or assigned cost or revenue centres readily.

Your screenshot is from the list of cash transactions. Tracking code is applied on each transaction line within a cash transaction so theoretically, one cash transaction could have multiple tracking codes (just like it can have multiple accounts).

I mean I’m not totally against this idea but how far do you go? Some people could also ask for tax codes to show on this list and so on. Then the list would have so many columns, it wouldn’t fit properly on most screens.

I think I didn’t think this through, a transaction can have multiple line items with different tracking codes.

Just wanted to write the post about tracking codes and see that someone already had this type of concern. As I understand, there is not possible, to see tracking codes along with other columns in transactions table, isn’t?

If there are so many different needs, may be is it possible to make that users could have pool of some mostly used custom columns to be shown on transactions?
More different options, more happier users!