Tracking Codes - request search box to be added

Hi @lubos and moderators

Just a quick suggestion/ request regarding the addition of a search box on the tracking codes screen where you can create new tracking codes.


  1. each time add a new customer , add a new tracking code for customer for reporting purposes
  2. Tracking codes format not standard in the business , some users add as 1st name, Last name, others add as Last name, 1st name so list is not easily sorted and easy to search , if name has been added already or not
  3. multiple users add to being more chance someone can forget to add a tracking code
  4. Number of tracking codes can grow very quickly ( over 100 for this business)

I suggest a search box is best solution as it can search on part name as order is not important in this type of search which fixes problem of if order entered is 1st , last or last, 1st

I though about a refidex type of listing visually on screen with listing with “A” then all codes starting with A listed under that then “B” and so on., this would be helpful but not ideal due to data entry not being standardised by user so may not be best solution to the problem

any suggestions as well?


Not sure if you’re using tracking codes for the intended purpose… but I do support the idea of having a search filter on that page.


Agreed , we are not using it for original intended use, but until a dedicated job tracking section implemented as is planned, it is the only way we can get the information needed.

Thanks for reply and seeing there may be a need for this.

Added to the latest version (18.1.74)

Thanks for implementing so quickly, much appreciated.