Ledgers. Feature request

There should be a report with which you can conveniently see the movement in a ledger. That report can be under the “General Ledger” report and can be called ‘Ledgers’
It must display the following.

  1. The period e.g. 1st Jan2015 to 31st January 2015
  2. Date of transactions
  3. Details/Particulars
  4. Voucher type (payment or Transfer, or Receipt, journal, etc.
  5. Debit and credit columns or Inflow outflow columns.
  6. It must show the balance just before the specified period as balance brought forward and also show balance carried forward i.e the balance as per the last day of the specified period.
    In my country many banks don’t issue e statement in the format manager can use. Therefore we receive them in hard copies and use them in our bank reconciliation. We need manager to display ledger like the above so that we can easily do manual bank reconciliation. Above all t will also help users in many different ways.