Display Bank or Cash account Making payment & Receipts

I suggest for the displaying of the Bank or cash account making payments and receipts.

Other accounting apps i have used show a line after the title like;

“Through: Citi bank A/C # 0002154488”


“Account: Citi bank A/C # 0002154488”


From: Citi bank A/C # 0002154488 (Payment)
To: Citi bank A/C # 0002154488 (Receipts)

The moment you take the hard copy you can easily trace the cash/Bank transaction.

Of course you can always use reference numbers to search but a whole accounting data has been restored from hard copies easily after data lose because of very helpful information like this. Helps also to easily sort out or identify payment vouchers if payment and receipt vouchers are filed according to their cash accounts involved which prevents wrong filing.

This info is displayed as column if you view the Bank and Cash transactions tabs.