Different sales invoice series

New to Manager. I searched a lot of pages and have not found what I need. I only found duplicating or different logos.
Is there a possibility to create more sales invoice series and each one with its own numbering. Here in Greece you need different series for different services or goods sold.
Any help will be appreciated

You can only do this by manually entering or editing the sales invoice numbers.

One method is to maintain completely separate series. This might result in different prefixes but duplication of numbers. The disadvantage is having to maintain separate lists of numbers or search in Manager before creating every invoice.

The other method would be to set Form Defaults for automatic numbering, but add prefixes after creating the sales invoices. Manager will ignore the prefixes as it assigns new automatic numbers. This has the advantages of numbering all invoices in the order they were created, avoiding the potential confusion of duplicate numbers, and eliminating the need to search before entering a new sales invoice.

Either way, if you want separate series, you must remember to enter or edit the invoice numbers.