Different Paper Format

Hi amazing peeps!

Just wondering if its possible to change the format of the quote/invoice/delivery order/etc to be landscape A5? we’re using 3ply printer and the paper size is A5 landscape for that… so if i print the default format it’ll take 2 sheets of paper.

So far what i’ve done is manually edit the pdf in photoshop so it’ll become A5 landscape… but doing this for every single thing is quite tedious and time consuming even though its very easy to do.

Would it be possible to request for this to be implemented in future version?



Isn’t that already available on the print screen ?

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I tried that but since i’m using mac somehow i don’t get those options… i clicked on the layout tab and there’s nothing that lets me print in Landscape format… i’ll have to check it out on Windows. Thank you so much for your kind assistance sir!

I am using Mac too and I assume that you use the Desktop version. You can change the settings as follows:

In my case I have an Epson printer, when clicking on the printer name it shows you below menu. You should click on Printers and Scanners Settings.

Then you will have a similar screenshot as below, click on default paper size:
Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 10.37.24

Then select A5 (I have selected A4).

Then click on Save as PDF (bottom left next to ?:

Alternatively for default setup of your printer.

  1. click on the Apple logo
  2. click on Systems settings
  3. click on Printers and Scanners
  4. change the Default paper size.

Then whenever you click print in Manager you can save as PDF as per:

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Thank you so much! Will try it out now, i tried changing the paper size to A5 and when i selected print and save as PDF it saved as A5, problem is the page got cropped on the right side! I will tweak around a bit more!

Really appreciate your assistance Eko! (are you Indonesian by any chance btw haha!)