Different numbers on "BTW-overzicht" and "BTW- overzicht (samenvatting)

I’m having some trouble understanding why I get different numbers of the same post in different reports.

1 Why is the total of “BTW ontvangen” (marked with the red circle) different on BTW overzicht and samenvatting?
2 Why is the total of “BTW betaald” (marked with the black circle) different on BTW overzicht and samenvatting?
3 Where does the ‘beginsaldo’ (opening balance) of BTW-overzicht (samenvatting) come from?

Any explanation would be appreciated.

If I have translated things correctly, you are trying to match numbers that should not necessarily match.

  • BTW-overzicht is your tax summary for 2016. It includes transactions during that year only. Notice that they are divided by receipts and payments of taxes.
  • BTW-overzicht (samenvatting) is your tax reconciliation, which pertains to the balance sheet account Af the dragen (Verkoop - indkoop). The numbers listed on it are net movements. So, for example, if you had credit or debit notes, the incoming and outgoing totals could be different than the first report, but the difference is the same (11.482,40).
  • The Af te dragen account is perpetual and apparently already had a balance at the beginning of 2016. Beginsaldo lists that opening balance.

Hi Tut, thank you for your response.

I also noticed that something got lost in the translation to dutch.

  • “Tax summary” should be translated as “BTW samenvatting” but currently the corresponding report is named “BTW-overzicht”.which in english means “Tax-overview”.
  • “Tax Reconcilliation” should be translated as “BTW Reconciliatie”, but currently it’s named as “BTW-overzicht (samenvatting)” which in turn would mean “Tax-overview (Summary)”

The english version:

Also changing back to language back to “dutch” now the numbers on my balance seem to have changed.

Are you sure you edited nothing? Can you post screen shots of the two balance sheets (same date, different languages)?

With respect to translation issues, your personal translations make more sense, and match what I got from Google Translate. Those are issues for the Dutch translation team.

Current numbers:

Numbers before change of language:

The only thing I changed were the languages, now no matter if I choose english or dutch the numbers are the same (which are different than before).

Are you saying the new numbers are wrong? Or is everything now correct and matching?

I think Tax Reconciliation report doesn’t calculate tax paid and tax collected the same way as Tax Summary. The important point is that net tax is the same on both reports = 11,777.28

One example what could make a difference is that Tax Summary would see a credit note as a refund and would therefore decreate Tax Collected. Tax reconciliation report would see credit note as a debit which would leave Tax Collected amount untouched and increase Tax Paid. You can see amounts on Tax Reconciliation are slightly inflated but other than that, the report totals match with other reports.

So I’d say this is a bug but not a serious one.

@Tut: I do not know yet, since this company has a lot of invoices and transactions it would take some time to sort out and check everything. Since I do no have a backup of the exact snapshot before the language change it will be next to impossible to pin it down. I suspect that the last corrections I made the day before seem to be undone. However I haven’t been able to replicate the issue. I will check things in a later stage with my accountant.

@lubos: Thanks for your response, I agree. I just wonder what the “Tax liability - opening balance” number from the “Tax reconcillation” screen refers to (it’s non-clickable).

Also: I would recommend the following changes in the dutch translation concerning the titles in the report-section as they do not match the english definitions:

  • “BTW-overzicht” should be translated as “BTW-samenvatting” (English title = “Tax summary”)
  • “BTW-overzicht (samenvatting)” should be translated as “BTW-reconciliatie” (English title = “Tax Reconcilliation") which is the professional term or “BTW-verzoening” if you would want to put it in layman’s terms.

This should be the balance of the account at the beginning of the report period you have defined. If all tax liability had been paid off, it should be zero. Seldom, however, are all taxes collected and remitted to the authority before another transaction occurs. (This would only happen if the pace of business is quite slow.)

Thank you Tut