Different Form result and pdf result


Since Update to the latest version the result of PDF generate are not same with form like this picture below

take a look at signature.

It looks like you are using a custom theme. Users are responsible for troubleshooting their own custom themes.

same result event if i am not using custom theme

Please illustrate with the Plain theme.

You are probably using a table in the signature which is not supported by the pdf generator.

here the result when i am not using custom theme

This is the result

result with print preview

here are the bug. it’s fine from previous version

Anyway it’s not problems. i just print as PDF.

Note: I am using div tag at custom field

PDF generator doesn’t support float: left or float: right.

Instead of float, use table tags to organize the layout.


        <td>column #1</td>
        <td>column #2</td>