Difference between actual and PDF preview

hi @Brucanna
there are one more issue when we generate any invoice in manager than preview as given below

but when we convert it in PDF Than preview is that given below

have you any solution about that???

i have using that theme which HTML coding is given below:-1:

if you seems that any correction in this HTML Coding than please do that


Sorry, can’t assist - don’t use themes and don’t know HTML or Liquid coding.
You need to consult with a local HTML / Liquid programmer.

Ok thanks for your assistance.

But if I use plain theme than invoice title will INVOICE If I use
customised theme than invoice title will TAX INVOICE Which I need.

If you select under Settings the correct Tax Codes which related to your country then you will get the Tax Invoice by default without needing to customise themes.

the Indian tax codes are now in-built in Manager. Please update to the latest version and use the in-built tax codes. If you use the in-built tax codes, the title INVOICE automatically changes to TAX INVOICE. you can use the plain template itself.

I have already select correct inbuilt tax code

I have similar issue as well. The PDF preview seems produce different result with what in Manager.
The column sizing seems looks different when comes to PDF. I’m trying to get help from another post too. Hope able to sort it out.

Please don’t double post comments.

if you have select the correct in-built tax code then why are you using a custom theme? you should Switch theme to the default plain theme when viewing the invoice. since you have provided the code for your theme in the first post i am assuming that you are not using the plain theme.

I think the problem is similar to what has been discussed at

the updated theme by @sharpdrivetek isnt being used. @aastik121 please use the updated theme as discussed in the linked post.

please do not suggest users to use custom themes. custom themes will not get any support from Manager team.

when i was using older version than i was not facing that problem but when i install new version 17.7.86 than that problem i faced.

actually i need declaration about service and goods and amount in words in invoice which is not available in Plain theme.

customised theme which is provided by You at June 25 is full fill these requirement.

the theme has been updated, as Manager software has been updated.

if you set your currency as INR under preferences in Manager, you will get the amount in words in the plain theme itself.

thanks for reply

OK but what about declaration??

and please tell me that can i create more company in manager desktop edition?

and how can i use bold letter in manager?

to create a new company just go to Businesses Tab, and Click On Add Business then Create New Business
are you asking for a bold font in the invoice or the complete manager application?


follow this guide Add a new business | Manager

create a custom field for Sales Invoice under settings like below.

in the default text, copy the following code
<div style="font-weight: bold; text-align: right">We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods or<br>services described and that all particulars are true and correct.<br><br>For Your Business<br><br><br><br>Authorised Signatory</div>

Replace Your Business in the above code with your business name and update.
Now you can use the plain theme itself.

@aastik121 it is not possible to make whole Manager application have a bold font, as it uses bold fonts for headings and normal fonts for list items
for making invoice font bold, you have to edit the theme html

this should help a lot of people.