Different email addresses for customers/suppliers Idea

When sending quotes to customers, you usually have a specific email address for clients. When sending Purchase Orders or Purchase Invoices to Suppliers, you usually use a different email address for suppliers. There are times when I need to send a PO to one of my suppliers and I want them to see the email address that I use for suppliers not my clients.


@Tut can you remove my idea from the ideas category as this request is no longer relevant. I am moving my clients to using a help desk system and will no longer be using email for clients. As I seem to be the only one that had any need for the feature, it makes sense to remove the idea. Thanks

No. Others have since requested it, though nobody voted for it.


We would definitely use this functionality. We also had to move to another mechanism due to this email thing Mutiny over Payslips

Very well. I will authorise the retention of this idea. I just assumed that nobody bar myself wanted it as nobody ever mentioned it that I was aware of.

yes looking forward, i also need this feature, we have 2 mail address, one is sales@…com and one is purchase@…com. whats the best way to do it

Currently email function is working for each transaction separately. It is effective if one has to limited transactions or would like to perform the task individually.

We have multiple transactions. Therefore, and in order to save time and do it productively it would be better that once necessary transactions are recorded, one can send multiple (batch/all) emails at a time from a selected tab/form like sending

  1. Monthly Payslip(s) to all employees
  2. Monthly Sales invoices/Customer Statements to all customers

As we have thousands of customers with monthly billing therefore to send email individually, team has to spare extra hours which can be easily overcome if the provision for multiple email is created.

There has been certain discussion years ago and a hope was there. It will be appreciated, if Manager can guide if the provision already exist or appraise with latest development.

I have one supplier that uses a different email address for warranty parts and non-warranty parts.
I have entered both email addresses in their ‘profile’ as spares@supplier.tld;warranty@supplier.tld (separated by a semi-colon)
I then simply remove the one I don’t need before hitting the send button, or leave them both if necessary.
I find it a handy workaround.

Problem with that approach is 99% of the time I use the sales invoice. Very rarely use the PO form. Now that I am moving to integrating Manager with my CRM, it will be irrelevant as clients will no longer email me. Everything will go through the helpdesk.

Ypu can apply the same to customers…

I think, Manager requires votes to initiates this task so please vote!!