Different currencies sum up together?

Hi There,

I did a currency exchange = In 64033.42 HKD / Out 6084.34 Eur
Then provide reimbursement fees to third person = 58811.57 Hkd

Is it possible that amounts of different currencies are sum up together by mistake?
Or i did something wrong?

Great software!

This is due to missing exchange rates. If no exchange rates are set, Manager will assume currencies to have exchange rates 1:1 which creates impression of different currencies simply being added up.

You will need to go to SettingsExchange rates and set them up but right now it is manual process. Wait for the next version which will automatically download exchange rates from the Internet. Then your figures will become correct.

(if you don’t see Exchange rates under Settings, you need to enable them by clicking Customize button under Settings)

HI Lubos,
Thanks for your prompt reply.

  1. Adding the exchange rates will change the values, but in the wrong way.

the values are not in the correct currency for conversion (2nd ~ 3rd circle)
the exchange rate created are not considered (1st circle)

I’ll wait for the update.

  1. How to solve the suspence of 6100 Eur (total of two invoices recorded and paid already) indicated in my first message, last picture at the bottom of the image?

Thanks for your effort.