Currency Calculation

Hi Lubos,

Please look at the following screenshots

I made a dummy bank account and a test transaction.
The base currency is AUD.
The exchange rate is 1 AUD = 200 USD (not real. Just for testing)
The bank account is in USD which has 1 deposit of USD$2000.

Should the summary page displays AUD$10? (Assuming the summary page displays the balance of the bank account in the business’ base currency using the last available exchange rate)

I’m using Manager 14.5.40.
I’m confused. I could be wrong. Any thoughts?

You are not wrong. You are correct. I’m still working on multi-currency and I’m hoping by tomorrow, I will be able to release new version with all issues resolved (including this one). I probably shouldn’t have exposed multi-currency module until done to avoid embarrassing moments like this.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. I honestly appreciate your efforts.