Differences in dowloadable versions

Having just checked for new versions, Windows is on V21.1.17 whereas Mac and Linus are on V21.1.18. Trying to download V21.1.17 for WIndows, it fails to install without an error message. On trying to reinstall, It now comes up with the Modify, Repair or Remove option. Have run a repair but on trying to install again, comes up with the same option.

Can you try uninstall the program, then install again. The issue could be due to some file not being present in installation directory and I’m not sure repair function fixes it (even though it should).

If I uninstall, am I going to lose any personal settings or forms I have created?. There has now been a newer version but this still fails to install.

  • Businesses data is all in the businesses back up. Stored in the application data folder.

  • User login data and access limits I think are stored elsewhere

  • Program is independent of both the above.


  • Backup your data

  • There should be no loss of businesses data from uninstalling then reinstalling the program

Reinstalling seems to have fixed it. Thank you. A strange aside to this is that when it failed to install, it opened the syswow64 folder. Does this have any significance to the problem by any chance?