Details of Sales Order using Batch View

Dear Sir,

Hi, I’m Helen from SF Corporation.

Just want to raise the change we noticed when we are trying to generate the details of Sales Order report using " Batch View ".

Just to give you a background -

  1. We generate the Sales Order report using Batch view to get all food orders of the client for the day Details of this can be seen in the Sales Order report under 1 column even if the order of Customer contains 10 different menus / dishes.

  2. We do this as we need to provide advance info to our Kitchen for their advance preparation.


If we generate Sales Order using Batch view to get all food orders of the client for the day
example for 1 Client with 10 orders of different menus / dishes - We can still generate the report

*BUT the 10 orders of different menus/dishes of this Client was reported under 10 columns

*INSTEAD of previous reporting of under 1 Column for 10 orders of different menus/dishes of 1 client.

May we know how this reporting can be fixed ? What we wanted is for us to be able to generate the same report just like before ( 1o different menus/dishes ordered by 1 client - be reported under 1 column ).

Appreciate immediate feedack / guidance on this.

Thank you in advance

Helen for SFC

Can you please illustrate this with screenshots? Your explanation is difficult to follow and would be complex to simulate.

Kindly see above screenshot of the SO ( Sales order report ) under batch view…

Those with highlight of yellow ( line description ) - in the past , this can be seen under 1 column only.

now this can be seen in " multiple columns" …

Let me know if the attached link is useful .

Thank you and regards.

There is no Sales Order Report in Manager and Batch View of Sales order tabs shows the selected Sales Orders similar to the view screen (i.e. with the layout).

So not sure what you are showing us here.

@helen8, I believe your screen shot shows the results of copying to the clipboard and pasting into a spreadsheet for Batch Update, not anything to do with Batch View. Is that correct? (Precise terminology from the program is very important.) But it is impossible to tell, because you have shown only a portion of the spreadsheet.

If so, this is the result of separation of multiple-line transactions into multiple columns, rather than combining all lines of a transaction into single cells. This was changed quite recently in the program.

This cannot be “fixed,” because it is not broken. This is by design. If you want to preserve your old reporting workflow and format, you will need to combine things in the spreadsheet. Depending on your spreadsheet program and version, there may be commands that can do this. But I doubt it will be simple.

Unfortunately for you, you were using intermediate stages of a process for a purpose for which they were never intended. When you do that, you should not expect support from the developer for your personal workflow. Nor should you expect whatever you are doing to be future-proof, as improvements are constantly being made to the program.