Moving sales order to sales invoice

Hi , we are currently using the IO Manager in our Accounting process.

I have a query on moving the Sales Order to Sales Invoice…

Is there a way in the system wherein we can transfer Or move in at once "All sales Order for the day to Sales Invoice?

Right now our existing process is , we move in one by one the completed Sales Order to Sales Invoice.

We find this so tedious as we have 100 or more than 100 sales order in 1 day as our business is into selling of cooked food to different customers .

Is there a way wherein we can transfer that 100sales order to Sales Invoice in just 1 click or by batch processing ?

Hope to receive your immediate feedback on this.

Thanks in advance

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I agree this sounds very tedious. If I were you, I would reconsider my entire workflow. For example:

  • Who are your customers? If you are cooking food and selling to walk-in customers (who pay at the time), you don’t need sales invoices at all. Just use receipts.
  • Why are you using sales orders? Sales orders are normally used when a customer issues you a purchase order, or orders something that will take considerable time to deliver.
  • If you are cooking food and delivering in large quantities to repeat customers (such as to restaurants), you probably would want to keep using sales invoices. But why not enter them directly when the customer calls in the day’s order? They will be delivered very soon.

Hi, Thank you for answering immediately my query re transferring Sales Order by batch processing to Sales Invoice

I’ll take note of your recommendations and discuss this with the Management

Best regards.


Check if your IO Manager system supports batch processing or bulk actions for sales orders. Look for a “batch invoicing” or similar feature in the documentation or settings. If not, you may need to contact your software provider for a possible upgrade or customization.

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