Sharing files with other computer

I am a Club Treasurer (age 70+), and I am currently using the Profit and Loss section of the Desktop Edition as an Income and Expenditure Account. My Committee wish me to share my data with another Committee Member (in case, at some stage, someone has to take over from me).

If someone else downloads the Desktop Edition, can a backup be transferred to another PC (for training purposes), or can this only be achieved by using a Cloud or Server Edition. If a Server Edition should be necessary, is the $299 one-off charge per user or per organisation. This is a small club with 120+ members.

Fortunately for some of us, age has nothing to do with Manager. :wink:

You can make a backup of your accounts and transfer it to any computer. On the other computer, you would import it using the Add Business button. A USB flash drive is perfect for this, but any drive accessible to both computers will work.

Make sure both computers are running the same version of Manager, though. All new versions are backwards compatible, but sometimes they make changes to the data structure. So a file that has been opened by a newer version may cause trouble if loaded by an older version.

No need for the Server edition unless you want to have multiple simultaneous users. Then, the charge is per organization, allowing as many users as you want.