Desktop to Cloud

Dear Manager Team
I would like to move from Desktop to Cloud edition. I have a few queries.

  1. I am a single user presently and I have different personalized themes with images for the purpose of signatures etc.
    How do the customized themes and the signatures stored on my desktop get transferred to the cloud edition? Will other users be able to use the same theme that I have created.

  2. Is it necessary to have a back up to open Manager on a new PC in the cloud edition or simply download the Manager and log in?

Appreciate your guidance

Read the Guide: Your custom themes are part of each individual business data file.

Only if you create them as a user under your cloud account so they can log into your business. And then they will only be able to use them for your business.

A backup is the easiest way to transfer a business, by far. You don’t download the cloud edition. You open an account and log into your account via any web browser. Then you transfer the business to the cloud.