Fixed asset info in General Ledger custom reports

I’m trying to create a custom report based on General Ledger, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to retrieve the Fixed Asset information from depreciation entries. Please help!

Apply a filter:


Note: the final field is case and spacing sensitive.

Thanks Tut, but I was referring to adding a field to the report - for example I want to select all the depreciation entries > given amount, and print the name of the associated fixed asset, can that be done? I couldn’t find any fields related to fixed assets in the drop down list?

Add another filter for Amount is greater than. But names of individual fixed assets are not part of the general ledger transactions table.

It sounds like you can obtain what you want by drilling down on the accumulated depreciation figure for a fixed asset in the Fixed Assets tab and exporting the result.

Yes, but that means I have to drill down every asset to find the ones with matching depreciation amounts. I just thought there must be some way to do this in a report. What field in the General Ledger is the key back to the Fixed Asset table?

Rather than trickle out information, such “ones with matching depreciation amounts,” why don’t you explain fully what you are trying to accomplish? Then someone can help.

That’s pretty much it - I want to list all the assets that have had a depreciation amount greater than a given value, to try to weed out erroneous entries.

Why not drill down on the depreciation account balance in the Summary?

Oh I see, and then sort by amount, yes that may be OK thanks. It would still be nice if it displayed the Asset Code or Name, to avoid the extra click, but I can live with that :smile: