Depreciation assets

Does someone have a custom report that is like the fixed asset summary but only shows the assets that have a book value. If so can you show me a screen shot of how you set it up in custom reports.
I Would like the above and then a custom report of a list of all assets with out any values etc

Please as a long term user you should be aware of the forum rules at FAQ - Manager Forum, specifically [emphasis added] that:

If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces.

I haven’t done anything as I don’t really understand how to yet and yes I am a long term user but it was not around when I started and I have not really had the need to use it except for now. My client has many many assets with 0 book value and this takes up a lot of room in the report

Got to “Fixed Assets” tab

  • Click on the heading “Book Value” twice
  • The non-zero book value assets will be at the top

Got to “Fixed Assets” tab

  • Click o Advanced search
  • Click “New Advanced Query”
  • Check “Where…”
  • Select “Book value” “is not zero”
  • Click on “Create”

Then experiment with similar functions in other tabs

Thats actually quite cool, I wanted it in the reports but maybe Lubos could add book value to the where list in custom reports. Then I could do the same thing in custom reports

I doubt that will happen as my understanding is the old custom reports will be replaced by new Advanced queries. See Custom Reporting Assistance - #3 by lubos

I think you can use Advance Querry from the fixed assets window

Oh ok thanks

Just realized that if I go Advanced Query and go is not 0 it brings up the right data I want great BUT I wanted it in a report , I just discovered that if you go batch view and tick them all and go print it brings up a great report . So I can now do 2 reports like I wanted 1 for 0.00 assets and one above 0.00

thanks @Patch

@Wornout you should note that when creating an Advance Query that at the bottom of the result screen of that Query a Print button appears that when you click it will show a proper report format.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 07.47.58

Thats just what I was saying .I am really pleased about that :grinning: