Department or cost center and their budget

In the journal entry Is it possible to split the cost over multiple department or cost centers

electricity department 1 100
electricity department 1 200
electricity department 1 300
@ Bank 600

Is it possible to link a budget at each department?

Manager has no budgeting capability yet. But you can split expenses over multiple departments simply by creating additional expense accounts. You would then enter multiple lines on the payment screen, much as you have done in your message.

Thanks for the reply.
you write Yet, does this means that manager is working on it?
on the inlog page they mention departemental accounting. is this already working or in development.

thanks in advance

I don’t know. I’m not a developer, just a user like you. But the potential for future budgeting capability has been mentioned many times as a future feature.

For departmental accounting, use Tracking codes under Settings tab.

See: Manager Cloud

Thanks this can help, I need the department # as well. Still missing the buget field to compare the monthly expenses to the given budget for that department.