Add Cost centers

Dear Sir,
I reviewed all topics about cost centers and the suggestions from users were great but the solution to use tracking codes and custom fields are not functional, other accounting systems use multilevel cost centers and the cost centers will be as chart of accounts.
in this case we can modify every expense right cost center or centers.
also if Manager can add locations too, so we can use both cost centers and locations in our reports.
it will rich Manager and make our business much easier and efficient.

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Please search the ideas category of the forum before starting new topics with suggestions for improvements. There is already a topic in ideas that has evolved to include cost centers: Grouping of Tracking Codes. The developer has also written previously that he plans to eventually add cost centers.

I’m not sure what you mean when you refer to locations. Manager already has inventory locations. See If you mean something different, you need to explain how this would be different from cost centers.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply,
the forum is so big so searching may not give the required results, I search for cost centers and job costs.

for grouping it is almost the same idea, but consider that building a chart of job cost is the same as building a folder and subfolder ending with file, so this tree can provide a great help in reporting so you can report according to main job cost or the second or the last branch of the tree.
meaning of location is location of the activities for example to cities or countries, or even streets.

the planning of adding this option I found in a post from 2017 and until now still using tracking codes which is great for simple reporting but could not provide much help in complex one.
Manager provide nice and easy to use options than other accounting software such as quickbooks, but quickbooks provide a great reporting system using job costs, we hope to consider providing this option ASAP.

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I think that Custom Fields linked to Control Accounts and full implementation of Custom Report will give all the flexibility that you need. But you’ll have to wait a few months.