Expense entry with Cost Center

Your software is good. It is very easy to use. But it will be more better and effective if you consider the following matter.

I want to record of a particular expenses in detains. It means Cost Center. For example, I have one car and one bike and one generator. All of those need fuel for operation. But I want to record Fuel cost / Maintenance Cost separately of those items. So We need an additional field when we want to put an expense. As like, when I select accounts receivable or payable, there additional field comes out for invoice tracking.

Hope you understand. Please try to consider it.

Try using Tracking Codes.

Tracking code is not capable to solve this issue. I am a professional accountant.

When you talk about cost centers or profit centers, tracking codes are way to handle this as @Tut pointed out.

Or perhaps you are talking about ability to create custom sub-accounts under expense categories?

If it will possible to create sub account under any ledger, it would be best. Please think about it.


If you use other accounting software like Tally accounting you would demand more cost center features.
Like for a structure like this


Where Divisions and department are cost categories.

And what lies under are cost centres.
Expenses from the divisions will be prorated between Finance and marketing cost centres.

It kind of complicated but I know manager will have more features in the future