Delivery running sheet

We do a lot of furniture deliveries in 3 zones.Can Manager make a running sheet for deliveries, as it is lot easier to look at deliveries at a glance on 1 sheet than looking through a number of delivery notes. l have made an example of a running sheet using Delivery Note Template. Name, Address, Invoice and Description are straight foreword. Zone and Delivery Date can be placed in Invoice Summary box. This can then be used to search for deliveries on particular dates and zone, then can be printed off. l hope this can be done as this would make the lives of delivery driver much easier.
This would also give Manager a big edge over its competitors.

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Just wait a bit (like until next month). I’m working on custom reports which will allow you to generate exactly this report from Manager data.

Also, Zone and Delivery Date could be custom fields on delivery note. And Summary field can be reserved for something more meaningful.

Wondering if you have finished the custom reports that allows to make a delivery running sheet.
If so, can the invoice be copied across to the delivery sheet with:


This would be appreciated.

Have you had the chance to set up a delivery spread sheet yet.

This sort of report is not yet possible as data from delivery notes is not yet exposed. I do plan to include all data in custom reports but the major thing is to document whole data schema so SQL queries can be easily written.

Can a extra column be inserted in the delivery note summary page
Can the extra column be the Delivery Address.

When you say ‚ÄúSummary page‚ÄĚ, do you mean list of delivery notes after clicking on ‚ÄúDelivery Notes‚ÄĚ tab?

Yes, l mean list of delivery notes after clicking on ‚ÄúDelivery Notes‚ÄĚ tab.
By doing this l can organise a Running Sheet.

Hi Lubos
Was it possible to show the address on the delivery note, in a new column to the list of delivery notes
when clicking on ‚ÄúDelivery Notes‚ÄĚ tab? or are you working on it.

Hi Lubos
Have you had any chance to look at customizing the ‚ÄúDelivery Note‚ÄĚ Tab so l can add a column for Address,
l can then print the page and this gives me the delivery sheet with Address included.

This has been possible for a long time. Add a custom field for paragraph text. Label it as Delivery Address. Check the box to show as column. The addresses will appear in the Delivery Notes tab.

Yes, it is one more step, but you have an unusual need. Nevertheless, Manager can support it.

Hi Tut
Could not fine the box to check show as column. l went in to Custom Fields then to Delivery Notes,
New Custom Fields, Label put in Delivery Address Then to Type - Paragraph Text.
Could not find the box to check show as column , pressed Create. It opens a extra Delivery Address text box
in New Delivery Notes but does not show on the Delivery Notes Tab. What did l do wrong.

You probably have outdated software. What version do you have under About Manager? Update it. This is what you should see: