Packing slip

Is there a way to create a packing slip for orders that are shipped.
A list of all products shipped but without the prices.

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Yes, there is a Delivery notes tab you can enable.

Delivery notes aren’t the same thing as a packing slip.

  1. If I have a customer who orders 10 of item a, 20 of item b, and 1 of item, I then make an invoice for the customer. Now I want to print to packing slip, if I do a delivery note, I have to reenter all the information again, there is no way to link a sales invoice to a delivery note.

  2. The purpose of a packing slip is to include it with the order that is shipped but without showing the prices. For example, many of my customers order gifts for other people so they don’t want the price to be displayed. But they do want a packing slip enclosed with the order so that receiver of the packages knows that he/she received the correct item.

You can create delivery note from sales invoice, no need to re-enter everything.

Simply go and view the sales invoice, then click Copy to... button and select New Delivery Note.

My understanding is that delivery notes are the same as packing slip. Two different terms for the same thing. Delivery notes don’t contain prices.

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I see, that’s very helpful. Thanks!

Is there any chance to be able to change the title from ‘delivery notes’ to Packing Slip?

Is there a way to take off the bottom of the delivery note?

None of that is possible right now since it is all hard-coded. I’m soon going to convert delivery note design into HTML template which then can be modified similar to sales invoices.

Any updates or estimate date on when the convert delivery note design into HTML template which then can
be modified similar to sales invoices be available?

Lubos, Packing Slip is different from Delivery Note in that it contains information about the number of boxes of a particular item there are. Additionally there are columns for dimensions (LXBXH) and weight. This is meant for custom clearance purposes.

Consider this scenario- i have to send a client a delivery note for 3 switches, so My delivery note has the part number, description of the switches and quantity - 3. But when I send him the actual Packing slip, I realize that the packaging of all three switches are in the same box. So i put the description and mention 3 switches within the description, then i fill up the columns about dimensions of the box and weight,and finally in Quantity write only 1, because actually packing has only one unit (though there may be three switches inside the packaging)

I am facing trouble with these scenarios, so a packing Slip will be a welcome addition to the tabs.

I have added an example of how a packing slip looks like below:-

Another example: One I used to create using a different software:


Another thing required in a packing Slip… You need to have both Invoicing Details of client, and also delivery details. Many times, the delivery location/address may be different from Invoicing Address and for custom purposes it is necessary to have this correct information to avoid being held up.

I still don’t see difference between packing slip and delivery note. Both documents show what is being delivered.

Saying that, I would rather work on improving delivery notes than creating new type of document which is really the same thing under different title.

Why not give option to rename the Delivery Note?


Also, just as netspc has asked - I really need an option to rename Delivery note to Packing list (in cases where clients specifically want packing lists). I have to do this work around every time such a request comes in, in case thats the only option you are going to offer. Clients unfortunately will not agree to a Packing slip being called a Delivery note, and where I to argue this point, this is only going to delay my orders by not meeting their compliances.

Also to note the content required on a delivery note would be minimal (Same as what already exists)…whereas Packing slips need to be more detailed… and having to fill up all those details on a delivery note or having empty columns would actually make the process cumbersome.

Let me know what you decide on this.

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Could this be done as a template, like we currently do for sales invoices, turning them into Tax Invoice headed documents that are acceptable in Australia? If so I imagine this is probably not that hard.

As an importer of products, we see these packing slips all the time and we know they have particular uses as we go through the customs process. I can imagine that exporters will see the benefit in having these available through the one system that is managing the accounts, rather than being entered into Word or Excel as additional processes. Makes sense to me.

Just to clarify, do you use both delivery notes and packing slips at the same time? Or just packing slips?

Hi Lubos - We only use packing slips as end user - we don’t generate them. Best for the guys who actually raise those documents to address the matter.

In my case, delivery notes are used for local deliveries, as proof for ourselves that units were received by client. Packing Slips are used when material has to go overseas and through customs. In this case, the proof of delivery comes from the freight forwarders like TNT or Aramex. The packing slips are used only for custom clearance.

@thauseef, so if you deliver locally then you use delivery notes only? Or both, packing slip on each box and delivery note for whole delivery?

Lubos - For local deliveries, delivery note & invoice only. For Overseas orders Packing slips & Invoice only.

has this option been removed?