Letter writing template & delivery notes

Would it be possible to write letters to customers by just clicking on their name from the list and automatically a template with all of mine and the customers details already set out neatly in uniformed order?
Also a delivery note drawn from quotes/invoices would be very useful. It would be great to have everything we need in one piece of software.
Thanks for the great system

I’ve added “Delivery Notes” feature into the latest version. Keep in mind it was something I’ve done in less than an hour so it can be rough around the edges but let me know what you think.

To enable delivery notes, go to “Settings” tab, then “General Settings” and make sure “Delivery Notes” tab is checked (it will show as an option if Sales Invoices are enabled)

Hi Lubos.
I’ve followed your instructions, and sales invoices are enabled, but still can’t find delivery notes as an option.

Have you downloaded the latest version from http://www.manager.io/upgrade?

Thanks Lubos.
I hadn’t downloaded the latest version. Brilliant. I will soon be changing everything I do to Manager.
Any chance of the letter template I mentioned earlier in this conversation?

Thanks from a very wet and very cold England.