Delivery Note's Reference Number Sorting

Hi, please fix this tiny little bugs in reference number sorting, currently I found in Delivery Note as the number grew more than 4 digits.

thank you

Seems you have to put 0 in front of 9999 (you got to make it 5digits)
instead of 9998
use 09998

Your screenshot shows that you have not sorted by reference number. So what you are seeing is the default search order for the delivery notes tab. Every tab has its own set of sort criteria.

it’s too long, u can try it yourself

What is too long?

the list of Delivery Order, ok let me screenshot again

My understanding;
now the Reference data is taken as “string” not “Integer” (many discussions are there in this forum about sorting order)
If it is “string” you should use “0001” instead of just “1” (if you decide to use 4 digits reference) for you to get your expected sorting order.

so, i need to update my reference number to 00001 all the way to 10000?

I’m not asking you to do so.
This is only my understanding of your sorting difference(my view may not be correct)
You may try to just change one number only for experiment and see the sorting result after changing it.
if it is worth doing so, you may use “Batch Update” and “Excel” to do it quickly.
(Please note: this is my way of approaching it only. This may not be the correct solution)

ok, noted.

thank you

I don’t see what the length of the list has to do with your complaint. Your second screenshot does show sorting by reference. As @Shan says, the sort is as a string, not a number. I’ll mark this as a bug, but it is currently behaving as coded. It will be up to the developer whether to change the design.

Fixed in the latest version (

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nice, thank you